The Business Doctor

with Dr Stephen K.


Guest Speakers

Meredith Allan

Meredith Allan is the founder and CEO of Drive Marketing, a marketing coach and Certified Dream Coach, inspirational public speaker, and host of The Meredith Show. She is passionate about using her marketing magic and helping individuals and companies reach their personal and business goals!

The Meredith Show is designed to inspire, showcase, and connect local entrepreneurs; and share inspirational stories you need to know. We call this “sharing the love”!

Kimberly Whitfield

While Kimberly Whitfield’s passion for making a noticeable impact in the world began long before, she launched her renewable energy career in 2015 when she partnered up with the founders of Powur, PBC.

As a part of the leadership team, she helped Powur grow to over 5,000 licensees to the platform by year two. She has since become an integral member of an innovative team on a mission to shift the entire energy industry and help 2 million homeowners switch to solar by 2025.

Kirsten Strawn

For over 20 years, people have enjoyed the warmth, wisdom, and authenticity of Kirsten’s transformational coaching. Based in La Jolla, California, Kirsten has raised 4-magnificent Millennials living around the world. A passionate and transformational speaker, Life & Business Strategist, Client Relations Expert, Investor, and Author of Loving the Unlovable, with her newest book to be released in 2020, Power-Peace-Profit.

Kirsten equips successful entrepreneurs to lead with peace of mind, clarity of purpose & step into new possibilities for growth in every area of life: Spiritually, Relationally & Financially. 

Manny Lopez

2 out of 3 kids who “age-out” of foster care, meaning they turn 18, end up DEAD, HOMELESS, or in JAIL within 1 year of leaving our system. Our mission at From Orphan To CEO is to reverse that statistic to 2 out of 3 kids understand entrepreneurship, find a mentor, and own their own business.

Manny Lopez, our founder, has developed a way to do this… with his revolutionary program titled: THE MANNYFESTATION SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. Developed & delivered through a mobile app & one-of-a-kind TV show, it is a combination of education & resources on how to start your own business.

Lori McNeil

Lori is a a strong, passionate, influencer who leads people in building a Legacy that matters, and who teaches entrepreneurs to use National media to broaden their reach and impact.

Understanding that business balance is essential for long term success, Lori loves helping businesses tap into their greatest potential, to shift their mindset, redirect focus and gain greater clarity for their business vision and overall purpose.

She strives to help people come to a greater understanding of what it takes to succeed, and loves love working with high achievers who are serious about filling in those gaps to deeper understanding, so that we can turn what is unknown into what is known.

Christine Shaw

Christine is a molecular biologist who manages a large research and development team at a San Diego area biotechnology company. She has a Ph.D. in genetics and has developed diagnostic testing in the areas of prenatal, pediatrics and infectious disease. Christine relies heavily on advanced organizational and project management skills to successfully complete large, complex projects such as FDA submissions. When she is not busy in the biotech world, Christine applies her management skills to challenges in other areas through investing in real estate and consulting with entrepreneurs. In her down time, she can be found at rock concerts, football games, traveling to exotic locations, and supporting animal rescue charities.

Kim Yeater

Kim Yeater is a Peak Performance Coach, dynamic Speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, Health & Wellness Expert, film maker of the domestic violence documentary, “One Voice Many Faces”, Fitness Business owner of Super Bodies In Motion and the upcoming author of, “Freedom’s Pursuit, Run YOUR Race and Discover Your True Identity”. Kim is a woman of high energy is spiritually impactful and stands for people knowing who they are, who they were created to be, and the purpose to which they have been called. Her desire is to powerfully transform the lives of millions around the world.

She has passionately coached hundreds of clients over the past 24 years and specializes in interconnecting mind, body, and soul wellness both personally and professionally. Kim’s coaching clients have broken through self-sabotage and limited beliefs, taken their businesses to a whole new peak performance level.